2016 Fundraiser


As a charitable institution, we constantly consider the long-term funding needs of the Organisation and how we can continue to fund important projects such as our Health and Educate Jarra Projects. Over the last two years, aside our fundraising event, we were very much reliant on goodwill from our members, businesses and individuals who supported the causes we were doing.In determining the long-term sustainable funding needs of the Association, we need to embark on income generating activities to be able to execute our various projects.

In August 2016, we organised a fundraising event in Reading, Berkshire. This has two parts to the event. First was embarking on the cultural preservation drive and the music element for the evening.  For the cultural preservation drive, we collected good number of Cultural Artefacts from the Gambia to the UK to showcase our culture to our younger generation who might not have the chance to see some of the items collected in use. These artefacts collected where on display during the Cultural Night with Gambia’s very famous King of Kora, Jaliba Kuyateh and His Kumareh Band bringing people together from all works of life, background, gender and race.

The fundraiser also marked the association’s one year anniversary. The event was also used to show the cultural artefacts collected from the Gambia and premiere, the documentary I AM JARRANKA produced by the Association.The event was concluded with an award ceremony which saw the awarding of outstanding members of the Association for their contribution towards the unprecedented progress made by the Association in the past year. The Awardees include: Karim Darboe, who won the Pride of Jarra Award, Jula Finance for an outstanding support to the Association. The other awardees are Lamin Silameh, Ismaila Ceesay, Kebba Lang Sanneh and State of Mic for their tremendous contribution and support towards the Association.

Karim Darboe, the CEO and proprietor of Jula Finance

Karim Darboe the CEO and proprietor of Jula Finance Ltd has won the first Pride of Jarra award. Karim has been awarded for his outstanding contribution towards the progress association. Congratulation to Karim and Jula Finance.

Jaliba Kuyateh received his award

Jaliba Kuyateh receiving his certificate for his contribution to the UK Jarra cultural artefacts project. The King of Kora has immensely participated in the project by providing some of the narratives in the documentary and also explaining in detail the significance of each artefacts.

Famara Saidykhan receives an award on behalf of Ismaila Ceesay

Famara Saidykhan receiving the award and certificate on behalf of Ismaila B. Ceesay -awarded for his outstanding contribution to UK Jarra Association. Ismaila has been very outstanding in various activities of the association.


The association raised  just over £4,000.00 pounds which was incredible. That was achieve through a tremendous support from Jarrankas and others. The funds were used to support hospitals in Jarra region which made a huge difference. The association wishes to thank everyone in who participated in making this fundraiser a success. We also want to thank everyone who has donated towards this fundraiser and a huge thank you to Jaliba Kuyateh, the King of Kora who has made the journey from The Gambia to deliver an outstanding performance.