We want you to give young people a brighter future by providing their necessary needs and life skills. Education and Health is our major focus area in Jarra Region, we are making sure we lay down strategic structures that supports the drive to our vision. 


This project has three main components all with the view of improving the uptake of STEM subjects by children in the rural and most deprived areas of Gambia. Educate Jarra focuses on stimulating the academic performance of the students. It has also put in place mechanisms as how to improve academic performance.


This project is aimed at improving the health and well-being of the people of Jarra by providing support to health facilities in the Gambia particularly those in Lower River Region. This project is on-going and two consignments of medical items worth tens of thousands of pounds have already been donated. UKJA is also committed to continue to support the communities in Jarra.


Science & Technology project is a sub project initiated by Educate Jarra, This is geared towards giving students access to a fully equipped Science and Computer lab which is already proven to elevate students' academic ability based on recent research. This is currently being rolled out to schools in Jarra Region. The infrastructure will also help the school management to be able to manage and secure student data.


The UK Jarra Association is a Registered Charity in the UK working to support young people and communities in Jarra Region, Gambia West Africa. It has so far supported various hospitals in Jarra. The association's main focus area is supporting young people and Education, as well as Health Services. Your support will provide health facilities for communities in Jarra Region as well as supporting schools in providing Educational resources and support scheme such as scholarships. Donate today to support thousands of children and adults in Jarra. 

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